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Online Backlinks Generator Website In 2022

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Backlinks play an important role in SEO and driving traffic to your site. Backlinks can make your site rank number one on any search engine. But creating backlinks is not easy. You have to choose a site to create backlinks.

Plus, Google has some issues with the wrong methods of backlink generation. If you generate backlinks from sites in bulk, Google might unindex all your site backlinks. It will affect your site performance and may get you in an even worse position than you might think.

So, it is better to take the safe road and generate backlinks with the process Google likes. You also get two types of backlinks with backlinks.

Do-Follow Backlink and No follow Backlinks. In most cases, we want Do Follow: Backlink, which will boost the traffic on our site. In this article, I will share some sites and methods to create useful backlinks.

Octopus Review:

It is a tool that will show your site performance like title, description, metadata, basically normal things that any performance shower site can do.

The best part about it is it also provides you with a do-follow backlink, which will be very helpful for your site.

We checked our site performance many times, and it is very helpful to check performance with this site. Its URL is 

Trusted Review: 

It is also a site where you can check your site’s performance and get a free do-follow backlink.

This tool is very popular and is being used by many people. You can read the review of the users on the site. Checking performance is a very common thing, and we usually also compare two sites and check which gives better data and does data given by the two sites matches or about similar to each other.

So, it’s better to check your site performance on both sites and get free Do-Follow Backlink while you improve your site performance. Its URL is a trusted review.

Website Value:

You can also check your site performance here, and they will give a free Do-Follow Backlink. Its URL is

Some of these websites provide data that some of them not like one is providing data about HTML and themes of your website whether it is optimized or not then other site are providing data which is helpful in other things.

If you want to check very closely about the performance of your website which is recommended by the way. So, you have to use different sites now.

The benefit of using these sites is that you will also generate backlinks which will be great for your site. So you will be hitting two targets with one arrow.

Why This Will Work?

Now let’s see why creating backlinks through these sites is good. When these sites generate a backlink, Google thinks it is authentic and indexes the link as soon as possible.

One person is going on the site to check the site performance, which is a very normal thing to do, and its site feature is providing you a backlink. The site is not about just creating backlinks at all.

The site is not selling you that. So it is a genuine method, and Google trusts it. There are many sites like this available on the internet. These are just a few examples.

How Helpful Is Guest Post?

It is the most powerful, effective, trusted way to create a backlink. In this method, you write an article about something and request some publish it on their site. Many sites have huge traffic, set a topic in the community, and write an article about it.

The best article is being selected and published on their website, and a backlink will be provided to the writer’s site.

Now you can also collaborate with other sites and let them publish an article to your site, and instead of it, you get to publish an article on their site. It will let audiences know about the new site.


Backlinks are very important to get good traffic and the best rank. Some methods were effective before, but those methods cannot seriously ensure your site.

Many people don’t know about it. The ways I suggested are 100% risk-free and tested will help your site get better results with time.

The best part about it is that these are just normal things to do regularly, not extra things like visiting some particular site for a particular purpose. 

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