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Best Ads Serving In 2022

Best Ads Networks In 2022

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Many ad providers out there claim they are the best ad network. But we all mostly trust Adsense because it’s a Google product, and it has been used, trusted and verified by many people.

But is it so, is AdSense the best? Are there any good alternatives to AdSense? In how many aspects are they better. Let’s find out in this article.

Google AdSense:

The most popular is the number one, the omnipresence the one and only ruler of the ad market. Then name which bloggers know. Many people start blogging to get AdSense approval. Google is the most visited site on the internet, so it has the best advertiser and publishers worldwide.

Pros of AdSense: 

Let’s take a look at the pros of Adsense.

1. Best Paying Ad Network

Now, this can arouse arguments among people. But the best-paying ad network means that this ad network will outperform many ad networks in many situations like country locations, niche of the blog, traffic type, etc. 

2. Advertisers

Since Google is the most visited site on the internet, they have many advertisers. So, they have a large number of advertisers for every particular niche. That’s why it pays more than other ad networks.

Okay, so Google Adsense is either okay or beats everyone for every aspect of the ad network. It explains why Adsense has been so popular and number one for a very long time.

Cons of AdSense:

Let’s talk about AdSense cons which are many.

1. No value of you

Since Adsense has so many users, it doesn’t respect anyone, and they are not very supportive. Many big ad networks mentioned further in this article have some respect and value for their publishers, and they usually keep in touch with them. 

2. Hard to get approved

It is the main con of AdSense. Now you can say that since they have many users, the disapproval rate must be higher than others which is true and fine. Still, the problem is that AdSense doesn’t respond. They keep their users waiting for any mail, even for a rejection mail to apply again.

3. Very Flexible Policy

Adsense policy is very flexible; they keep updating their policy for approval and existing users. Many people usually are confused about the policy of Adsense, and they take a gamble for support, which many times work and many times does not.

Like AdSense uses its vast number of Google users to take and display ads. Like that, uses Yahoo and Bing traffic to serve and get ads. After AdSense, is the second-largest ad network in the market. It was started in India by Divyank Turakhia, and this company was sold to a Chinese company, Miteno Communication and Technology. 

There are some main features about which makes it so popular.

Pros of

1. Contextual Ads

They put contextual ads related to the site. For example, if you have a site related to blogging like this site, the contextual ads will be displayed inside the article now; suppose the article is about SEO. The contextual ads will be like “Top best SEO tool”,” Free SEO tool”, which is very contextual with the site and the article. So, readers will most likely click on the ads to read about it. No, the ad network is not tricking, then the ad will show the ads with a sponsored content notification on the top.

2. Ad design

Like Adsense, they also provide different ad designs to display ads on the website. The way of showing the ads on the site is so contextual along with the design that it will almost look like a part of the site, not some forced advertisements. 

3. Supportive 

As compared to Adsense, they are more supportive even sometimes their support reaches out to the publishers on their own to try new different things with the blog. They ask the publishers if they have a new website or not or are they interested in running ads there.

4. Rigid Policy

One of the major issues with AdSense is it is continuously updating its policy. Many people who want to be a part of Adsense often get confused by their policy. AdSense policies are so flexible that they often disapprove of new sites. And with the existing site, they face issues like invalid clicks, CPM decrease etc.

Cons of

Nothing is perfect, and we are just comfortable with it. It also includes, and now these cons depend upon whether you are okay with it or not.

1. Barely Outperforms Adsense

Many sources tell that is the best alternative to Adsense, which is true, but there are very few sources that will say it is better than AdSense. has the majority of USA advertisers, so in other places, when the website has shown the ads, it pays less. So, you can say that it is specific to those sites which have main traffic comes from the USA. If the traffic is from the USA, it sometimes competes and even bypasses AdSense.

2. No Page Level Reporting

They don’t allow users to view which pages are making more revenue; they might fix it in the future. But seeing a page that is performing well to get some idea to create more pages like it or optimize that page for further improvement to make more profit will be a great option. 


It is a Machine Learning based ad network. They have their advertisers, but they are popular because they are an official AdSense partner, which means you can use their ad along with AdSense. You can even see your AdSense earnings in an ezoic dashboard. 

Pros of Ezoic:

  • They are AdSense partners, so that you can try different ad networks along with AdSense.
  • They have a unique AI that automatically shows the best paying advertiser ads on your site. It is so perfectly synced with AdSense that it can decide which advertiser or AdSense is paying more to deliver ads, and then that publisher will automatically be placed on your site. 
  • Since its AI is so smart that it automatically shows the most paying advertisers ads on-site, it boosts the site earning.

Cons of Ezoic:

  • Mainly popular because of AdSense. Its main pro is it’s the main con. If it’s not tied up with AdSense, then it is not that great. If you ever search about Ezoic, you will probably get this topic like “Adsense partner Ezoic” or “Boost your Adsense earning with Ezoic” you will not get something dedicated to the site itself.
  • It has a limit of sessions, and if your site has 10k sessions in one month only, they will approve your site for monetization. Now traffic is not that big in many other big ad networks, even in AdSense.
  • One of the ad banners placed on the site by Ezoic will not be beneficial to the site owner. That ad banner will profit the company, not the site owner, which is not the case in other ad providers.

We also have a dedicated article on Ezoic, just in case you want to know more about how to increase Adsense earnings.


This ad network has gained some popularity in the past few months, but still, it’s not yet that popular. It is also a Google Certified partner, which means you can use their ads in parallel with AdSense ads. 

Pros of Mediavine:

  • They have good customer support. Almost all the articles and reviews I have read on the internet have one thing in common: they have really good customer support.
  • When it comes to earning, Mediavine surprisingly has proved to be one of the best alternatives of AdSense since many people have seen a boom in their earning as compared to Adsense. 

Cons of Mediavine:

  • There is not much information available on this site on the internet.
  • It also has a minimum 35k sessions limit which is much higher than Ezoic. If your site doesn’t have that many sessions, they will not approve.


There are many ad providers available on the market. It depends on you which one suits your traffic and niche. Many ad providers in many places easily outperform others.

The article has mentioned all the pros and cons of the best ad network available on the market, and now you have to try and decide which one is best for you.

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