Free Domain Provider Web-Hosting Plan In 2022

Free Domain Provider With Web-Hosting Plans In 2022

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Are you looking for a Web-Hosting Provider who offers a free domain with their plans?

Then here your search ends as today in this blog. I will tell you about some best hosting providers that have free domains in their hosting plans. 

Moreover, they also allow you to transfer your domain to other domain provider websites like GoDaddy, ionos, and Namecheap..

The best part is that they are a renowned agency and their support is excellent.

Web-Hosting That Provide Free Domain

Let’s dive in 


Hostinger is a top-rated hosting provider. Even its name is similar to hosting. Hostinger was started in 2004, and since then, it’s stabilized a brand value in the market. Hostinger provides 24×7 before and after-sale support in all 365 days.

They support all types of payment, including some popular cryptocurrencies. In India, they also provide a UPI option for easy transactions. 

They provide free domain in three types of hosting plans: Shared Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress hosting.

In all these types of hosting, if you go with the second-highest price plan, you will get a free domain with the plan for one year. With Cloud hosting, if you purchase even a basic plan you will get a free domain.


It’s also a very popular service provider among users. It’s mainly famous for purchasing domains, but its hosting plans are also very attractive. 

It was started back in 2000. Customer service is excellent; even if you are not a customer, they will assist you. They provide customer service 24×7 for up to 365 days. The site supports all payment types, including cryptocurrency, except in India, they don’t support UPI. 

On their Shared Hosting plans, if you go with a one year plan, you will get a free domain in every plan from basic to premium. 

Also, going with a one or two year plan, you will get an additional discount as compared to monthly plans. Only the Shared Hosting plan provides a free domain; the other plan doesn’t offer a free domain.


Yet another popular site for buying hosting and domains. Customer support is incredible for any issue. 

Customer support is always there for you, even if you are new to the site and not a customer yet.The company was established in 1997. 

They support all types of payment options along with cryptocurrency. They also support UPI and other payment wallets in India.

On Web Hosting plans, except for the basic plan (1.5$/month), they offer free domains in all plans. They only offer free domain on their Web Hosting plans.


You probably didn’t hear about this hosting provider. But this is well trusted, and it has many customers worldwide.

It has a 9.8/10 rating on hostadvice and a 3/5 rating on Facebook, so it is a well-tested site. Developers mostly use it since it makes hosting a script very easy. It also supports open-source. If anyone buys hosting, they will get a free website building tool.

They also have very supportive customer care available 24/7/365.In shared hosting plan buying any plan above one month will give a free domain plus an additional discount as compared to a monthly plan.


Yet another site that is not that popular among everyone but has built its brand value among those who use it or know about it.

They have an excellent support service and have a 9.5 rating on hostadvice. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can get a refund within 60 days. The site also provides a money-back guarantee for 60 days.

Talking about the plan, they have three Web Hosting Plans named Bronze, Silver, Gold. Any plan except Bronze has a free domain. They accept all types of international payments accept cryptocurrency. They also provide 24/7/365 customer support.


Not that popular but the best at its service. Hostarmada provides all types of cloud hosting along with the free domain. Yes, plans are costlier than others because these are cloud hostings, not just any hosting.

The site has a 9.4/10 rating on hostadvice, and they also have a 45 days money-back guarantee scheme. They have three plans naming Start Dock, “Web Wrap”,” Speed Reaper” in all sections. Buying any of these plans for more than one month offers a free domain. Site accepts all types of international payments accept cryptocurrency. 


Another website which anyone can tell is related to hosting after listening to the name.It has an 8.9/10 rating on hostadvice. It provides 24/7/365 customer support. They also have a scheme of 45 days money-back guarantee. 

They provide three plans named “Hatchling”,” Baby”, “Business” on all these have a free domain. It supports all types of international payments rather than cryptocurrency. 


Buying a domain from one site and hosting from another is not recommended unless you’re not satisfied with both sites.

Buying hosting and getting a domain free is an excellent offer, especially if you are a beginner or planning to open a new site. Having domain and hosting will make it’s easy to manage and renew.

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