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100% Free Hosting Provider To Host WordPress sites

100% Free Hosting Provider To Host WordPress sites [2022 Updated List]

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Hosting plays a significant role in website ranking as well as site performance. Now getting good hosting is not easy and also not so affordable.

Many companies offer hosting at a low price, but we also don’t want to buy because we are new and don’t have that much money, or we are just not familiar with that.

Also, one of the main concerns is that it’s just a one-time investment for the domain, and for hosting, it’s a monthly investment. 

But many of us new bloggers want to use WordPress and get a contemporary feel. When I started my blogging journey, I started with the famous and utilized its service.

But as I grew up, I felt that the site would be better at WordPress since it’s given me more options. So, I made my mind and shifted to WordPress. I saved my money and purchased hosting because I didn’t know these free options out there.

Moreover, WordPress was new for me, so I faced many problems there.

I have written this article to save you all from that much trouble. This article will guide you to the best free WordPress hosting providers to host your website and get experienced with WordPress.

This article will also tell you the advantages and disadvantages of these sites and why they are giving the hosting for free. So, let’s begin.


At first, we have GoogieHost.This site will give you 1000MB of SSD cloud web hosting, a free subdomain name, a premium website builder, Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, 100GB of bandwidth for free, and no ads will be shown to your website.

You don’t even need a credit card to start with this site. You sign up on the website and select the free plan.

Byet. host:

Next on the list is the best. Host. You will see a free hosting section on the navbar when you visit the site.

When you click on it, it will redirect you to the free hosting page, showing you what you will get.

The main features in the free plan are 1000MB of disk space which is enough, FTP account and File Manager, Cpanel, all the features of adding domain, and the most crucial thing, no ads. It will give you the support of a MySQL database and a free subdomain.


The next one is Its name is the same as its service. When you visit the website on the navbar, you will see the WEB-HOSTING option there.

Please hover your mouse on it; it will show you the FREE HOSTING option. It will also give you the primary feature to start up your sites like 1000MB of disk space, Cpanel, all features related to domain attachment, and many more.

Please don’t go to its name, and it also provides you with a free hosting plan. When you scroll down on the website’s main page, you will see a free hosting plan there. ‘

It allows you to host one domain and give you 300MB of disk space which is not even near to others, but it’s good to start with. It also has a limited bandwidth of only 3GB which is again suitable for beginners.

Here is the list of some of the best free hosting providers. Now let’s talk about some important topics. 

Why Are They Giving Free Hosting?

They will not give you free for a lifetime even though they are claiming. Once your traffic increases, they will tell, or sometimes they will force you to upgrade to premium.

Plus, the support with the free plan is not good so, if you are caught on some technical issue, you are on your own there will be no help from the support. It’s like they are giving you the taste of WordPress so, you have to go with them and buy their premium plan.

Should you buy these site premium plans?

Well, it all depends on your experience. I don’t recommend it because other famous websites sell hosting at almost the same price, plus they have a good name in the market and are known for their customer support.

However, two of my friends are continuing with this site, and they have no problem. So, it depends on you if your site is well running on their service and you don’t want to shift the site to another hosting.

You want to purchase a plan and save all the headaches you will get while moving hosting, which is not that much. First, you must do some research and join your personal experience to decide whether you want to continue or not.


Free hosting is a great way to learn about WordPress and personally experience it. However, it is not an excellent option to continue your website with only a free plan.

Many things in WordPress will help your blog rank up and provide an exceptional experience to the readers. Many excellent SEO tools will show your blog SEO score at a time.

There are also many themes available there; many of them are specifically designed for Adsense. One more thing with AdSense if you started with the free plan and your site got Adsense approval, you need to upgrade to the premium plan.

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