free keyword research tool in 2022
Top free Keyword reasearch tool for blogger

Top free Keyword reasearch tool for blogger

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Keyword research is an essential thing for blogging. It will not even let you gain more traffic but also increase revenue from your blog.

Each keyword has its monthly search, and CPM getting those keywords and publishing articles about that will get your blog a good rank.

Many tools are available there, but there is always confusion about which is best and which to use.

Now about the best part, it depends on how you use it, but I will tell you which to use for maximum results. These all tools are free of cost.

Google Trends:

Back in my days, Google Keyword planner was one of the best options for this type of work. It was free, plus google itself is a search engine, so its data is more reliable.

But Google has restricted its feature to a certain number so, it is not that useful, but there is another tool from Google called Google Trends. 

Google trends check the popularity of the keyword and related keyword and show it in a graph.

For example, searching for clothes will show a hike during December because it’s a holiday. Same with iPhone, its search volume goes up in September because the new iPhone releases every year during this month.

It will also allow you to compare two keywords and show the result in graphical form. It will enable you to choose the country, the time limit, and the categories. Overall it’s a great tool. It would be best if you gave it a try.


It is a great site to check what the public is searching for. It is updating the questions explored by the people on different search engines.

For further analysis, you can download the data. There is a limit of 3 searches per day on each account.

Keyword Sheeter:

This tool is a real-time data scraper. This tool is excellent for generating many keywords at one click. It scraps thousands of real-time searches from Google.

It-dumps about a thousand searches every minute and gives the result in a list. You have to enter the keyword, and then thousands of related keywords will come.

You can easily download it. In the free version, you will not be able to see the CPM and the monthly search volumes of keywords it will provide to you.


Now its name might look similar to Reddit; it is a Reddit just for keywords. It pulls up to 500 ideas related to your keyword.

The best part about Reddit is that there are communities called subreddit about every topic and there are thousands of members in those forums continuously posting stuff related to that topic.

So you need to enter the subreddit name, and it will extract the ideas from that subreddit.

For example, if I want to write an article on python, a community is available on Reddit with the same name. I have to enter the title to show the keywords and their monthly search volume.

To get more information about the keyword, we have to click on the context button, and it will take us to Google showing the search result about that keyword.


DB stands for database, and a database is the storage of verified and essential data. QuestionDB is like the database of questions people ask on two big forums Reddit and Quora. It has a massive collection of 48 million queries.

It can shorten the result you will get by popularity or by topic. “Show Source Link” if you select it, you will see a “Source” written at the end of every question, which will redirect you to the source of the question.

You can also know the answer to that question which will help you more in your research. The site has an option to download it. The free version has a limit of 50 results per search.

Bulk Keyword Generator:

This tool can only be used to search on specific topics, basically industry. It already has options available there.

You cannot enter your keyword. A keyword like electrical products, plumbing electrician, etc., is already general there. You need to select your topic. 

So, it has limited use, but still, this tool is handy, especially if your blog is on these topics.

There are many chrome extensions available for this purpose. One of them is Keyword Surfer.

Keyword Surfer:

The following tool is Keyword Surfer. It is a chrome extension you can directly add to your chromium-browser, and it will instantly show you the search volume and the CPC when you search the keyword on the google bar.

It has the search data for about 19 countries, including all the major countries like the USA, Germany, France, Canada, and more. It also has an option for selecting the location and turning off the global result if you are targeting a particular country. 

It will also show you the search volume and the CPM of the related keywords Google will suggest to you. The only problem is that it will not let you download data in bulk, but it will help you with your google search.

Keyword Everywhere:

It is also a chrome extension available for firefox. After installing this extension on your browser, whenever you search on Google, you will see additional information on the left side of your screen, also at the bottom of every link.

It will show the Back Links, Referral Links, Spam scores, etc.

There are also many other extensions for keyword research. We have a dedicated article for that.

Top Chrome extensions for bloggers. In this article, you will know more keyword research extensions like Keyword Surfer and total other attachments, which will be very helpful in your blogging journey. 

Click here to read Top Chrome Extensions for bloggers.


Now, this is not a website. It is just a suggestion which sites give you, like Google. Many other substantial traffic websites also have this feature, like Amazon, Youtube, etc.

If you write a keyword, it will automatically suggest what’s trending related to your word. Now for a site like Google, it is hard to guess, but for specific sites like Amazon and eBay, where people only come to do shopping, you can quickly think what the most searched keyword here is.


Nowadays, without keyword research, you can’t get the traffic you deserve. Blogging is already a lot of work. You need to have the dedication to achieve something.

Keyword research will help you, and your hard work will pay off. Start using these tools to get more results from your work. 

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