Important Of Blog Archive?

How To Create Blog Archive?

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A blog archive is like a collection of memories for your blog. A blog archive is a place where your old posts can stay. These posts can still be very useful for site visitors.

But in this age of information, when everyone is trying to update their blog with new content, information, ideas, these old, useful posts are lost.

In that situation, a Blog archive is used to keep your articles easily findable on the internet.

What Are The Importance Of Blog Archive?

Have you ever visited a site about a specific niche and tried to find a particular topic, but you can’t find it since you don’t have anything related to it. You don’t even know what to search for exactly.

Well, I was just in that situation back a few months ago. And Thank-God the Blog Archive of that site helped me a lot.

I just travelled through the blog’s timeline by seeing articles published each month, and boom, I found my article that I was so desperate to read.

So, in this kind of situation, the Blog Archive can be very useful for your site.

It will increase the user experience for your blog, and when users find what they are looking for, they will spend more time in your blog. And even in the future, they will keep visiting your site.

Site with a big blog archive also shows that the site has been active for a very long time, and it is serious with its content. Blog archive gives a clear upper to old sites.

Types of Blog Archive to Have in Your Blog?

One of the types is already what I told you about earlier in this blog. That is according to time, and this actually helped, and it will help others too.

Another type is by category. You can understand this by the menu of the blog site, so users can easily navigate through their favourite topics. But there are some other topics we write in our blog that are either semi-related with the menu options or completely a different topic.

So, you can make an archive of those topics so the readers can also know more topics about your blog. In the same way, you can create an archive of tags used in a blog.

You can also make an archive of the top trending posts of your blog so the visitors can see what is in the trend right now. 

How to Add Blog Archive in WordPress?

Aman idhar daal de ke kaise kya krte hain mujhe utna samajh nhi aa rha tu add kiya hain isisliye tu better likh sakta hain main blogger ka likh deta hu.

How to Add Blog Archive in Blogger?

The most important place to add a blog archive is in the footer because many sites use this practice, so people are used to it.

But with blogger themes, there are not that many customizable options. So whatever themes you are using, make sure that your theme allows the “Add a Gadget” option in the site’s footer. 

Steps to add Blog Archive in Blogger are as follows:

  • Go to the Layout option in your Blogger dashboard.
  • Then select the “Add a Gadget” option near the footer.
  • Now select the “Blog Archive “option, save it, and you are done. 


The blog archive is a great thing to increase user engagement in your site. It will ease the user experience and will also earn their loyalty. Creating an archive takes just a few seconds, and the steps are very easy.

So, go and add this feature to your blog right now.

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