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How To Create Custom Business Email?

How To Create Domain Business Email[Does It Help In SEO]

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Email is an essential thing in the current world. According to a report, there will be a total of 4 billion users of email in this world in 2020 which means half of the population is using email, and according to that report, this number will increase at the end of 2021.

The number will be increased to 4.1 billion because of the account required for using some specific operating system like android, windows, IOS.

In case if you are a Businessman, you don’t want to miss that amount of traffic. Many people check email regularly.

I check my email whenever there is new mail. It is like a personalized ad that you are directly sending to the user’s address and has a high chance of seeing your mail. 

But to get the user’s attention, your mailing address must look professional.

The mail you are looking for is not just regular mail, and you need to have a business mail to get the reader’s trust.

For this, you need a website that you might already have since you are targeting an online audience.

How To Avail Your Own Business Gmail For Your Website?

In this article, I will teach you how to create your business email step by step.

Step 1 

Go to google and search Zoho mail and then visit the first link, or you can directly click here to visit. When the site opens on the right side of your screen.

You will see “Get started with ad-free email” there, you will see two options “Business Email” and personal email. For now, we will go with the Business Email. Click on the business email and then click on sign up for free. 

Step 2

When you click on the “Sign up for free” option, you will be redirected to the new page to see many premium plans there. Zoho offers three types of premium plans.

The basic program starts from $1 and goes up to $4. You can also go with any of these plans, or the company also offers a free plan to all the users who want to try it out to upgrade if they like it—in my opinion, trying out the free program to get the taste of the service.

If you scroll down, you will see an option “Forever free plan” this plan will offer you up to five mail accounts having 5GB storage for each and a 25MB attachment limit which is very good to start with. Again click on the sign up now button. 

Step 3 

Now you need to sign up, provide your name, email address, or mobile number, enter your password, click on the “I agree” button, and click on the “SIGN UP” button.

You need to verify your email so that the company will send you an OTP on the mail you just used to sign up. Enter the OTP to register your account successfully.

Step 4

When you are successfully registered, you will see your dashboard, and there you will see an option “Add an existing domain.” Now click on the add button, which will be just below the option.

If you don’t have a domain, you will have to go with a new domain option which is a whole other process. For now, let’s stick to this. When you click on this option, a new dialog box will open asking for your domain name, organization name, and Industry type.

It is all mandatory fields, so you have to fill them all. So, please fill up all the information it is asking for. Then click on the ADD button. Then you will see that your domain is successfully registered, and now you need to verify your domain. Click on proceed to domain verification.

You need to add the TXT value in the DNS record to verify your part. You can add it to your domain manager or Cpanel manager.

Copy the text value and go to the zone editor on your Cpanel, then click on manage, and there you will see an option of TEXT click on it, then click on add a new record.

On the name, section write your domain name with an extension on the Type section, select TEXT, and, on the document, paste the value that Zoho gave to you. And then click on Save Record.

Then come back to Zoho and click on “Verify TXT Record. ” After clicking that, it will show that you have verified your domain name. There you will see a Username option, and at the end of the box, there will be your domain name. Enter whatever domain you want to give.

Step 5

Then you will see your mail. Click on proceed to set up groups option at the bottom of your screen. And then click on the DNS Management option. You need to delete all the MX records from your DNS zone manager and add new MX records, which the site will give you.

For this, we will again head to our Cpanel manager, go to the zone editor on your Cpanel, then click on manage, and there, you will see an option of MX click on it. Delete all the previous MX records, then click add a record on the name section again.

Type your domain name on Type select MX on Priority tab enter ten and on DESTINATION tab paste the Zoho MX record rest leave as it is and then click on save the record.

The very start repeating this process for all MX records, the Zoho will change the second record Priority tab to 20, and for the third change, it to 50 add all the records. 

Now come back to your Zoho dashboard and click on the Verify MX Records button. You have to skip the SPF and DKIM configuration process since it is unnecessary for all.

Step 6 

Most of the process is done. You will see Your Setup is entirely written on the screen. Click on checkout inbox. It will send you the area where you will see the mail sent to that email address.

At first, it will be just a letter from Zoho welcoming you. And also, a pop will open asking you to do some fundamental changes which you can skip, like setting the language, time zone, theme for your inbox.

Now you can send a mail to yourself to check whether the mail is working or not. In typical cases, it works, but if the mail doesn’t work, you should contact support.

Does Domain Business Email Help In SEO?

No, Domain Business Email not directly has any connection with improving your website’s SEO.

But it can help you to build a good impression on other website’s owner through which you can get an high value backlinks.

As any blogger must overview your Blog before giving you backlinks from there high-authority Website.

See, that’s how it can hi your SEO indirectly in a whole different way.


Having a business email is professional. Every person in business who is targeting the online audience should have their business email. It gives the company a more professional look.

Plus, with a site like Zoho, which allows you to create a business email for free, you should have your business email.

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