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Affiliate Marketing As A Blogger

How To Do Affiliate Marketing While Blogging

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It is a way to earn money by selling a company’s products where instead of promoting their product the company will pay a small amount to the sellers.

This amount varies according to the product. Affiliate marketing can be followed by both online and offline, but online is the one people are more interested in. 

Affiliate marketing is one of the ways by which many people have earned a lot of things.

There are many ways by which affiliate marketing can be done online, but in this blog, we will talk about how to do affiliate marketing as a blogger and how to promote products and earn money from them.

How to do Affiliate Marketing as a Blogger?

Many bloggers are confused about whether they can even do affiliate marketing.

The answer is yes, and they can easily do affiliate marketing as a blogger. The only things required are persistence and patience. There are many ways to promote affiliate links in a blog. But first, let’s see with which site you should work as an affiliate partner.

What Are Some Best sites for Affiliate Links?

It would help if you used trusted sites like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart. Also, this topic depends on your niche what you want to promote. Suppose you want to promote traveling sites.

You have different sites for that, and targeting specific sites like that will get you more margin since they are only there for selective service, not just to sell everything like Amazon, Flipkart does.

There are many sites out there. It depends on what kind of traffic you are targeting what type of site you have. Some sites are specific to countries, and many sites will give your cut according to the country where the customer belongs.

For example, if somebody purchases your product in the USA, you will get more margin than the same product purchased in other countries.

Why Countries Matters a Lot In Affiliate Marketing?

As I already wrote, you would get more margin if your product is being purchased in the USA or Europe compared to Asian or middle east countries, but this is not it.

There are many more things about the country related to affiliate marketing. Countries like the USA, Britain, and France are developed countries. Per capita income is more so people there like to spend more and live a more luxurious life.

For example, people living in the United States spend a lot more money on traveling than Germany and France. So, if you want to promote links on your blog, first, you have to design your blog as per the need of those people.

You have to purchase Europe specific domain so it can rank easily in Europe, and for the USA, you have to buy a .us domain for targeting that traffic.

Purchasing region-specific domains are not just a will help you target specific regions. When people visit your site, they will see a domain related to their region, which will help them trust the site and make a purchase from your site.

How To Perfectly Synchronized?

Your site and your article must have an excellent impression on the visitor as you already heard the first impression is the last impression.

The visitors should be impressed by the site or article. The site’s theme and design must be looked synced with the product is being sold. The site shouldn’t look like it’s promoting something else and selling something else.

For example, suppose you have a news site where you cover different types of news, and in the site, you have a tech section where you write articles related to the new techs coming into the market.

Suppose a famous company has launched a new smartphone. You wrote an article about it and gave your affiliate link for the purchase. It’s scarce that anyone will purchase by that link because the site was just something else and doesn’t sync with the article completely.

Now let’s imagine another situation where your site is ultimately a tech-based website, and there you wrote an article about a new smartphone and put an affiliate link there.

There is a high chance that the reader will purchase the product using that link in this situation.

How To Pick Your Affiliate Marketing?

At this moment research, I mean to research all sections. From SEO to the niche to the products, reading the product reviews, personally experiencing it.

SEO part is something that comes with practice. You have to read many articles and see what others are doing to rank what content they are providing, their writing style, how many backlinks they have, and many more.

But a product with the products, you can do some experiments to help you SEO. For example, let’s go back to our tech-specific website example. Suppose you have written an article like “Top underrated Smartphone of the Year,” Top best flexive phone this year,” Top budget Gaming Smartphone” etc.

This will also help you in SEO when someone searches about this topic and while writing this kind of article you can easily promote your affiliate link inside it and earn extra money.


Affiliate marketing is one of the hottest and trending topics on the internet. Many new e-commerce sites are opening, and the existing e-commerce sites are expanding their business to an area that has never experienced this kind of experience.

That’s why many people are moving towards affiliate marketing. In this situation, if you have a blog, then it’s easy for you. You have to promote affiliate links suited to your site by articles.

Don’t worry if you don’t have that kind of site where you promote any affiliate link. You already have the skills and experience to start. Follow the tips written above, and you will achieve success.

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