how to speed up traffic
Increase Your Website Loading Speed

How To Speed Up Your Website and Boost your traffic?

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The loading speed of the website matters a lot. If the site hasn’t a good loading speed, it will affect the site ranking in any search engine, not to forget the user experience.

WordPress gives a lot of customizable to make your website fast, but bloggers don’t have that many options. So, let’s see how to make a blogger website fast.

how to speed up traffic
Increase Your Website Loading Speed

Choosing The Right Theme:

Themes matter a lot for a website; the site’s speed also depends on it. I suggest you use default themes provided by bloggers for the best experience, but the problem is, what if you don’t like the default themes.

Then whatever theme you like, you must see its demo first, and when the demo opens, you have to copy the URL and paste it to any performance checking website you trust. And from there, you will get the data on whether you should use it or not.

Remove The Number Of Posts On The Homepage:

In Blogger, we can reduce the number of posts that will be displayed on the homepage. It will make the website load faster. 

To change it, you have to go to the setting and scroll down until you find the post option there. 

As you can see in this picture, the total number of posts that will display on the homepage of Blogger is 12. This number is very high and will slow down the loading speed of Blogger. 

To change this, you have to click on the “Max posts shown on main page” option, and then a pop-up box will appear asking you to enter the number of posts you want to display, as shown in the picture below.

Now the ideal number will be five because users will also get to know about the website’s content.

Customizing The Images:

The image is probably the only thing that we will upload to our articles since it allows readers to connect or to understand easily. But these images can also lead to slowing down the website.

Before uploading the images to the blogger website, it is best to resize the image so it will take less time to upload and display whenever someone opens the article.

Now in order to do so, you don’t need any software/tool on your computer; you just have to search for “online image compressor” or “online image resizer” and choose whatever tool you like. One of my favourites is

As you can see in this picture, it gives you a lot more options that can be very useful. 

Hosting Images on Some Other Websites:

This method is even better than the resizing method since the image is not on your website at all, so your article will even take less time to open. But there are also some problems with that.

One of the big problems is if that site deletes your uploaded photo. The problem with this is simple, just to use a website that is trusted like Imgur; another website is the telegraph. 

But there is one more problem that supposes if this website is down for even a few seconds, then the images on your site will also not load. 

So, the best option is to use this website only if you are uploading too many images in your article.

Minimizing The Use Of JavaScript:

Javascript is a programming language, so; you can understand that it will take some time to run. In order to reduce the use of JavaScript, you have to remove the unnecessary JavaScript codes lying on your site.

But before we start, it will also crash your website so, it is better to take a backup of your website and then proceed in this method.

Visit page speed. web. dev website and then paste your website URL and then click on “ANALYZE”. After that, scroll down, and then you will see “Removed Unused JavaScript”.

You have to click on that there, and it will show you all the unused JavaScript codes. You have to Copy that go to the theme edit option of blogger press “Ctrl+F” paste search and remove that piece of code. 

Removing Unnecessary Widgets:

Along with the Blogger theme, there are many widgets. Some of them are useful, and some of them are just to show. These just to show widgets are not that useful and affect the site speed. In order to remove them navigate to the Layout section of the Blogger there; you will see a pencil icon on the widget. You have to click on the “Remove” or “Delete” button, as shown in the picture.


Avoiding The Use Of Fonts:

In order to make our site look beautiful, we often put some fonts on our website. This seriously affects the site speed.

Making a website look beautiful is good, but that will be of no use if the readers of your website will suffer from loading issues. 

Limiting The Number Of Ads:

Whenever we get Adsense approval, our approach is to put more and more ads to earn more money, but this will also affect the speed of the website. So, try to put a limited number of ads.

Not to forget those other ad providers like popads, Admaven provides ad code that is in javascript, and you read earlier how much javascript can impact the website performance so, think before you use their ad codes. 

Removing The Images In Themes:

The images surely look good, but as you know right now, this will also impact the speed of the website, so, better to remove it from the HTML.

And also, do not put any kind of image in the theme or select a theme that has a background image. 


Making a website load fast is necessary for both ranking in search engines and for the user’s experience. So, you must take care of that.

This doesn’t mean reducing the look of the website. An average looking website with great content will be a great combo for the visitors. 

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