iPhone 14 pro models will be far ahead than 14 non-pro models

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So iPhone 14, will have 4 models. 14, 14 Max, 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. This time Apple has created a lot of differences between Pro models and Non-Pro models. And this difference is much enough to put a question in the mind of a user that will a non-pro iPhone

be enough for me?

We will find the answer to this question on the basis of the information, we know.

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Old Cheapest in Non-Pro iPhones

So let’s start with the controversial decision. Now, this decision is related to the chipset of the iPhone 14. But before that let’s understand a little context. Apple will release 4 models this year too. iPhone 14 and 14 max will be non-pro iPhones. Whereas, 14 pro and pro max

are obviously pro iPhones. So iPhone Mini will be discontinued. And we will also see this newly added 14 max in this article.

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A15 Bionic will come in non-pro iPhones. And the new A16 Bionic will come in more Pro models. It will be a big deal for Apple that it is bringing a year-old chipset into a new phone because it’s never happened before.

Now, it will be interesting to see what will apple say after going on stage? That we have a better

chip than a year? No, they can’t say this. So how will they justify this thing by going on stage?

In the iPhone 13 series, whether there is a Pro model or non-Pro A15, bionic is used in both. But the A15 Bionic of Pro model is a slightly upgraded version since an extra CPU core and an extra GPU core is put in it.

This decision is not that bad considering that last year when Apple launched the A15 Bionic they didn’t compare it with from A15. They said, “It’s the fastest CPU in any smartphone”. Up to 50% faster than the leading competition.

The point is that the A15 itself is a very advanced chip even today. And like many tech experts said, if you are given an A15 phone and an A14 phone, so it’s very difficult to differentiate. So this could be one reason why Apple is taking such a controversial decision. Because they have

the idea of capability.

Now, we just hope that the Android Phone manufacturing companies don’t do the same thing of providing the phone with an old chipset.

Battery Life

But if you use one-year-old chipsets, then it should affect the battery life too. Yes, definitely, it should affect. So if we talk about A16, then it will not only give a little performance boost, But both iOS 16 and A16 together will make battery life better too.

On the software side, you’ll see that the non-pro models of 14 don’t have anything at all. It only has iOS 16 which can improve battery life. And the enhanced version of the A15, which Apple is thinking to use, this too will work in the optimization of battery life.

Now that thing is different, that it will take that much power too. But if you’ll see 13

pro max’s battery life then battery life will not a big concern in 14 models. It can also happen that apple may increase its battery capacity so that overall battery life will increase.

But in pro models, you don’t have to worry about battery life. It is already giving you 10 hours of screen time.

Difference in Display

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The next differentiating factor in pro and non-pro is the display. In iPhone’s non-pro model

there will be a notch only and in the pro model, there will be a new pill-shape notch. And I think this is a significant difference to differentiate.

120-hertz display comes only in pro iPhones, not in non-pro. And if apple does the

the same thing with the 14 series, then it will not be worth it to buy a 14 base model like you are getting a 60-hertz display at that high price which makes no sense at all.

The situation is Apple wants to differentiate between pro and non-pro, that’s why the pro models have pill shape notch as well as it has 120-hertz display. And hence the pro models

will be dominant.

Other Minor/Major Differences between Pro and Non-Pro Models

The design of the chassis in pro models will be made from titanium, instead of stainless steel. Apple can do this, they have already done this thing with the Apple Watch’s costly version. Now, phones will be costlier by using titanium but on the other side, titanium is stronger than aluminum and stainless steel.

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And apple is also in the plan of giving vapor cooling. Some people think that there will be

an absolute need for vapor cooling because of pro models’ computation power and second due to their high connection speed they need to have a cooldown on the phone. And clearly iPhones

get more heated.

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