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How To Create Meta Tags To Improve SEO?

How To Create a meta tag for Blogger?

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Meta Tags are very important for your site. The meta tag is like a site description, what a site is all about. Search engines can understand your site through meta tags and get information about your site.

Search engines usually check meta tags for a related keyword. If they find related keywords according to users’ search, then your site will come in the search results.

So, now you can understand that meta tags play an important role in your site ranking. Now let’s see how to create and add meta tags to a blogger website. Blogger has not had that many options as compared to WordPress.

How to create a meta tag for your website/blog?

First, you have to go to Google and search “Meta tags generator for Blogger.”Then you have to search for a website named “” you don’t have to search that.

It usually comes in the top three. Now you have to open the site, this is a very old site, and I use it so, recommend it to you. Or you can also use any other tool you find or like. The process will be the same.

When you open the website and scroll down, you see “Meta Tag Generator Tool.” In the Description column, you have to write about your site. What your site is all about.

For example, if I have a blogging website, I will write things like SEO, keyword research, Writing tips, Ranking now you get an idea of what to write there.

You must have to write everything related to your blog and try not to make it lengthy; try to make it simple. 

In the keyword section, you know what to write, keywords your site is related to, and keywords that will rank you.

Now rest two sections, Author and Robots, you have to leave it as it is. You can add your name in the Author section, but leave it to “All.”

Now on some sites, you will also see a few more options. One of the important is “Search engines should revisit this site after” and there you can write the number of days after you want to search engine to visit your site.

You should put several days there as per your comfort, but I will recommend you to leave as it also leaves the best option as it is.

Then you have to click on “Create Metatags” and copy where the bold tag (<b) tag is starting up to the end. Many other meta tag generator tools will give you a different format. Starting with a meta tag (<meta>) and it will look like <meta name = “title” content = “Your site name” and then followed up by the rest of the keywords.

You have to copy from the start. It is your meta description of the site now; let’s see where to put it in Blogger.

How To Apply Meta Tag in Blogger?

Visit your blogger dashboard and then navigate to the theme section. You will see a “Customise” option. You will also see a down arrow symbol with the “Customise” button.

When you click on it, you will see many options. One of them will be “Edit HTML” click on it, and it will redirect you to the HTML part of your theme.

You have to look for the head tag (<head> written like this). Normally you will find it on the top 4-5 lines. You have to create a new line below the head tag by pressing enter and paste the “Meta tag.

After pasting, you have to save the theme by clicking the save icon available on the top right corner of the screen.

Your theme will be saved in a few seconds, and your meta tags have been added to your blogger website.

What Are Some Important Options in Blogger For Meta-Tag?

There are many other important options in Blogger that you should enable to rank in Google.

First, you have to go to the settings options there, and you will see two options one title other is a description in the title option; you have to write the name of your site.

In the description section, you have to write about your site. It will help your site to get ranked in search engines easily. You can write tags of your website topics here. Save after you have written the description. 

Then keep scrolling until you find “Meta Tags” written. There you will see It will enable a Search Description option into your blog post to write what the article is all about.

Below that, you will see “Search Description” written here. You have to copy-paste the keyword part of your meta tag, which you just generated.


Almost all sites have set up their meta tags to rank in search engines. There is high competition on the internet today.

Competing with them without having something they already have, like premium hosting, premium themes, premium plugins, plus the amount of experience they have, is tough.

But not doing some things which anyone can easily do, like generating and putting meta tags on site, is not good.

Having meta tags on site will help the site to get a better rank, and it is not as hard to do. 

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