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New PlayStation Plus Review after using it. Is it Worth Buying

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With this new PS plus we now have hundreds of new games including ps1, 2, 3, 4, ps5 and psp.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the three new tiers to see what the main differences are what games we actually get and ultimately which is the best option to go for right now so if you’re not sure whether you need to go for the essential extra or premium plan hopefully this article will help you decide and if you haven’t already.

New PS Plus Plans and it’s worth

Previously ps plus was a one-tier system in which you subscribe to play online multiplayer get discounts to games and download those monthly games and then if you wanted to you could

then subscribe to ps now separately well they’ve kind of combined these two services into one but they’ve split them out into three different tiers.

We’ve got premium extra and essential each comes with different pricing and different options which one you think is best depends entirely if you see value in the different benefits and remember that everything that you see in the essential plan is included in the higher tiers as well and then everything in extra is also included in the premium.

PS Plus Premium Game Catalogue

Let’s take a quick look around the new ps plus menu and see what we get. We’ve got buttons off to the game catalogue the classic games, game trials and a few others and then all of the benefits are shown underneath.

After this, we’ve got various other things like the classic games listed we’ve got the game trials we’ve got must-play games as well as some recommendations for other games you should play.

As you scroll around here you can see all of the different games available and the different categories as well but if we tab across the top here you can actually go through the benefits of

PlayStation Plus.

the collections tab is also here, these are all the games available split out into different genres and platforms and this is definitely the best way to navigate through all of the available games now there is a view of all games area but it’s a huge list of games to scroll through.

Comparing All 3 Plans of Playstation

As I told you early the premium includes all the below-tier plans’ benefits so, let’s see in detail which one will shoot you better.

The Essential Plan

At first up we got the essential plan which is basically a replacement of the ps plus that we had before we get the monthly games, online multiplayer the PlayStation plus collection discounts and cloud storage so if you were a ps plus subscriber before this is exactly what you’re used to already. The PlayStation Plus collection includes some of the best PlayStation 4 games there are games like a crash bandicoot, God of War, Final Fantasy and The Last of US in total there are 19 games.

The essential plan also comes with 100 GB of cloud storage that will let you store your game progress online. The essential plan also comes with exclusive discounts on certain games or add-ons so if there are some games you were thinking of buying and there’s a discount available signing up for the essential plan will make the most sense so.

The Extra Plan

The extra plan gets you everything that we saw in the essential plan but it also unlocks the game catalogue and this is where there are hundreds of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games added. As long as you have an active subscription you can download and play any of these games while you’re on the extra or the premium plan some of these games are well worth

the money like Spider-man Miles Morales, Assassins Creed, Demon Souls and Ghost of

Kashima as you scroll through this list you can see just how many games we get.

This game catalogue is literally the one and only feature that sets the extra plan apart from

the essential plan.

Premium Plan

Next up is the premium plan this is the top-tier option which includes everything that is written above. There are three features which separate this from the other two and the features are

  1. Classic Catalogue
  2. Game trials
  3. Cloud streaming

Let’s see them one by one.

1. Classic Catalogue

The number one feature for most is probably going to be the classic library. This unlocks hundreds of ps1 ps2 and psp games. There are not that much of games but we can definitely expect it to grow more since this feature is new. The total count of this classic PS 1, PS 2

and PSP games to be just 37 games hopefully over the coming months we’ll see more and more games added.

We also have the PlayStation 3 games and this is by far the largest catalogue of games in the entire lineup there are literally hundreds of games in here again this is only included in the

premium plans you will not get this in the other two.

2. Cloud Streaming


Now another feature included in the premium plan is cloud streaming and this lets you stream hundreds of games without the need to download them. There are a few ps4 games in here but most of them are ps3 games and that’s because you actually don’t download those any way you can only stream them all you need to do is browse through the library choose the game and just press stream depending on the game, it will only take you a minute or two to get ready and then that’s it you are in and you are playing the game without needing to wait for the download.

My first impression of the cloud streaming for these games well they work well with the flexibility of being able to play some of the old classic games without having to download them.

3. Game Trails


Another feature included with the premium plan is the trials or the game demos it’s a bit strange that this is a benefit.You can actually download and play a time-limited trial. But each game comes with its own time limit.

Cyberpunk comes with five hours of trial and Biomutant only comes with a two-hour trial.


Okay so we’ve looked at all three tiers the different games we get available and the different benefits but here are my final thoughts on which one is the best to buy right now so first up if you’ve only ever used ps plus without the ps now subscription you will automatically move on to

the essential plan you will then see no difference in the service that you’ve already use to it.

But if you want more from it and you want to play some awesome ps4 and ps5 games like Spider-man, Demon souls and other relatively new games the extra plan is hard to pass on

it’s not a lot more than the essential plan but you are getting hundreds of ps4 and ps5. Just download two or three and it’s pretty much paid for itself.

On paper the premium plan does have three extra benefits but I’m going to ignore the game trials

for now as i don’t really see that as a selling point so that leaves us with the classic games and the cloud streaming so the 200 or so ps1 ps2 and ps3 games are awesome and if there are a few classics in here that you definitely want to play this is the only way to do.


Ultimately it comes down to just one thing are there enough games in the plan to

justify the price.


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