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Top 12 Royalty and Copyright Free Image Providing WebSites in 2022

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Copyright is a very important thing to take care of. One single copyright can be a nightmare for your whole website. And the most common place through which the copyright can reach your website is the images. Yes, the images we use on our websites can be a direct invitation to the copyright holders. 

The best way is to use copyright-free images there are many websites out there that provides copyright-free images so let’s take a brief look at them.


Unsplash is a really beautiful site for downloading beautiful copyright images. The main highlights about the site are :

  • The site has more than 200K contributors for uploading images.
  • Since they have such a large number of contributors there image gallery has a collection of more than 3.5 million photos. 
  • Also provides Vectors graphics.
  • On the top, they give popular topics plus a search box to find the images.
  • Downloading is very simple just by hovering the mouse cursor on the image it will show the download icon just after clicking it the download will start.
  • There is a very vast amount of categories to choose from. 
  • Offers API for development purposes.
  • Ad-free experience. 


Next on the list is pixabay. It has also a very big collection of images. The main highlights of the site are:

  • More than 2.5 million copyright-free images. 
  • The site also has copyright-free videos and music.
  • Very beautiful and stunning images.
  • The site has a vast about of categories and sub-categories to choose from. 
  • Offers API for development purposes.
  • Verity of filters available on site to get an accurate image. Like filter from size, colours.
  • Allows you to select different sizes and resolutions for the same image.
  • Provides ad-free experience. 


Pexels along with PixaBay was acquired by the Canva in the year 2019. So, you can understand the popularity and the features of pexels. The main reason for pexels getting that popularity is: 

  • The vast verity of copyright-free images. 
  • Also provides Vectors graphics.
  • The vast variety of copyright-free videos.
  • More than 3.2 million copyright-free images.
  • Offers a variety of filters. 
  • Provides API for both images and videos for development purposes.
  • Have the option to select different sizes and resolutions for the same image.
  • Provides ad-free experience.


Stocksnap is along with others on the list is my favourite website to get copyright-free images from. The main features of the site are as follows.

  • They provide an online editor for basic editing purposes like cropping, writing etc.
  • Very big image gallery in numbers.
  • Variety of images to choose from.
  • Have different types of filters to get accurately what you want.
  • Provides different sizes and resolutions for every single image.
  • Have a trending section for every topic.


The correct URL to the site is, this is a sub-domain linked to the official domain of Shopify main official domain. Shopify is an e-commerce site, so you can guess that you will get images of e-commerce related things only.  The main features of the website are.

  • Best quality images for e-commerce websites.
  • All types of images related to e-commerce are available.
  • Also contains images on other topics but specific to e-commerce.
  •  Provides an ad-free experience. 
  • Provides different resolutions of the same images to choose from.
  • Have different kinds of filters.


Freepik is another great website for downloading copyright-free images. The main highlights about the site are. One thing about this website is that if you have a free account then you can only download 10 images per day.

  • Has a collection of over 14 million photos.
  • Provides customizable icons, templates, illustrations.
  • Provides vectors.
  • Have a variety of filters.
  • Allows you to download images in different resolutions.
  • Provides an online editor for basic editing.
  • Gives users an ad-free experience.
  • Their premium plans provide access to their premium image gallery which have a quality of images.


After just reading the name you might guess what this site is all about. The main qualities of the website are. 

  • The site has only collections of food-related images so, they are dedicated to it.
  • Have a collection of more than 2000+ food images plus other food-related items images. 
  • Quality rich images.
  • Has different kinds of filters to choose from.
  • Provides an ad-free experience. 


Flicker has its own genres when it’s come to images. No, they provide images on a variety of niches, not like burst or Foodiesfeed but they have a different quality of images let’s see what they are.

  • They provide images that are taken by phones by normal people.
  • These photos are so different that it has their own demand.
  • Provides good quality images. 
  • Provides different resolutions and sizes for each image.
  • Have vast categories of images. 
  • Provides different types of filters.
  • Provides ad-free experience.


Canva is a very popular tool for editing photos. Even it is one the biggest rival of photoshop. They also provide an image gallery free of copyright. Let’s have a look at the features of their website. 

  • Since Canva is a tool for image editing they provide this feature on their image gallery and their editor is very powerful for editing images. You can even create videos from it.
  • A large number of images.
  • Verity and diversity in images.
  • Provides different types of filters.
  • Provides ad-free experience.


This site was independent before but now it is acquired by vista create. Some of the main features of this website are.

  • Provides a powerful online editor like Canva.
  • Provides the option to directly create stories, reels for different sites like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube. 
  • Also provides videos, templates and vectors. 
  • Provides ad-free experience. 
  • Have a large number of images.
  • Has a rich number of categories. 
  • Gives different types of filters. 


This site also has a great collection of photos. Let’s see what else this site offers.

  • Along with photos, it has a collection of a large number of icons and illustrations.
  • Very Quality rich photos. 
  • Has a variety of filters.
  • Provides ad-free experience. 


A pretty interesting name with a pretty good collection of images. Let’s see some highlights of this site.

  • Have a good collection of Indian images.
  • Also, have images for non-Indian purposes.
  • Verity of images with a variety of filters.

Pro Advice

Suppose you are writing an article about a movie and you want to include the poster of the movie in the article. However, that might be an open invitation to the copyright. So, you can give the credits of the image like an image by (production house name). You can use this method for different articles whom you are not able to find copyright-free images.


There is a very rich number of quality copyright-free images available on the internet. So, there is not any reason to not use it. Using just any image on the internet might not be good for you site.

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