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Top Chrome Extentions for blogger which help in SEO.

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As a blogger, I can say that blogging is not an easy thing to do. There are many things you have to take care of, like research, writing, plagiarism, grammatical errors, and many more. Luckily we have software available to help us in doing our things.

This article will tell you about top chrome extensions, even what extensions are and how they work.

These extensions are also available in any chromium based browser and other browser engines like a spider monkey. These extensions will help you in your work. No matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or already a professional.

But before we begin, remember that there are no shortcuts for success. These tools will definitely help you throughout your but not improve your skill, so don’t become too dependent on these. Always level up your skills.

What are Chrome Extensions?

You can imagine extensions as an add on feature on the regular browser. For example, suppose you want to block ads in a very annoying ad serving site, which you often find on the web. But chrome has no feature for that well, and you can install any ad blocker chrome extension from the chrome web store. There are also thousands of extensions there, like if you are trying to access content that is not available in your country. I often see many Youtube videos which are not available in my country. I downloaded a VPN extension for chrome, and I am ready to go.

Let’s move directly to our main topic and discuss more about some of the best chrome extension that can help you to optimized your website with best search-engines practices.

Keyword Research:

Keyword research is the first thing we do. Because it is so helpful in getting traffic and good revenue from the traffic. Here in this section, I am going to recommend you two keyword research chrome extensions which I personally like


Whatsmyserp is very helpful in this topic. It already has more than 40,000+ users in chrome and has an excellent rating. The reason for it is its simple user experience. I personally very like it. To use this extension, you first have to create an account and sign if you already have one. 

First, it takes advantage of Google to suggest and automatically shows the number of searches and the CPM of the keyword which google was going to guide you. It also shows the searches and CPM of all google suggestions, which comes line by line when you click the search box.

Not only that, when you have searched for a keyword, and Google is showing all the results, you will see a small area on the left of your screen showing the related keywords, their monthly searches and CPM.

You can also download data as a CSV file for sharing purposes. With all of these features, you should try this extension. It will be beneficial and more straightforward than going to another site and seeing the result, especially if you are on a not so good keyword research site.


This extension is similar to Whatsmyserp. It has almost the same feature as Whatsmyserp, but it shows you as a graph instead of showing the direct result as Whatsmyserp. So, it is up to you if you like the standard view or the graph view and the rest of the feature is the same as exporting data to CSV and showing the search volume and the CPM at a time.

Competition Analysis:

The next topic on the list is competition analysis. It is an essential thing. It shows you how much competitors are competing in a particular keyword on their rank on google.

To achieve this rank, they have written in their blog how many backlinks they have created. It is as essential for a blog as for a business to analyze the market before making any move. Here are the two best chrome extensions for that.


SeoQuake helps you get all the information about the site on google. It will show some important information like Domain Authority, Domain traffic, Age of the domain, rank on different search engines.

As you can see in this image, the Domain Authority is 20. The Domain traffic is more than 100k, and its bing search is more than 2k.

When you visit a particular link, it will also create a notification bar which you can see on the top right corner of the page, which will contain information like google index of the site, Semrush backlink, subdomain backlink, bing index page, age, rank and other valuable things. 


At number two, we have Moz. It also creates a bar when you visit a site which they call Moz bar, which will show you other important information like Pager authority, Domain Authority, Spam Score.


Now you might be thinking, why email marketing? Isn’t it going to cost money?

Well, let’s understand this: why email marketing? An email has become an essential thing in daily life. Many crucial things like purchase receipts, warranty cards, job letters, interview requests are now using email since it is a significant thing people check regularly, so if you mail them about a new post, there is a high chance of engagement.

And second about the cost, first you have to target only specific people and write mail in a very formal way, so they think it’s legit. Now let’s get back to the topic. Here are three chrome extensions that will help you. 


GMASS is a beneficial tool for email marketing. After installing this tool on your browser, you have to head to the extension and add mail. The maximum limit of adding mail is 2,000. It means you can send mail using 2,000 different accounts and target many users. 

Once you add your mail and write what you want to send, you will see two options in the lower-left corner one is Send, which will send only using one mail which you will select another option is Glass, which will send by all the Gmail you have added in the tool.

With the mass option, you can also choose the number of mails you want to use and the specific emails you wish to use if you don’t want to use them all.


Hunter does as per its name. It hunts down Gmail for you. To use hunter, you have to go on any website and click on hunter extension, and then it will show you the primary email id of the site if the website has any email id attached to their website.


Before finishing the article and give you my final point. Here are some honourable mentions which might be helpful for you.


I was not thinking of adding this extension to this list because it is prevalent, but if you don’t know, Grammarly is a dominant Chrome extension for the grammar check, spelling check, plagiarism check.

The company also has a premium plan which offers more to the person who is willing to pay others because

 The free version is also quite helpful.


After reading the name, you might have guessed that this extension is related to the video. This extension helps you to check the performance of a Youtube channel.

You can use this data in your blog, find out what youtube channel people are more interested in, and start a blog on that particular niche. 


These chrome extensions are beneficial in blogging. It would help if you started using these extensions to get maximum results in a minimum time.

But remember one thing, as I mentioned above, there is no shortcut for hard work, so always work on your skills. Also, try to write in a different niche to challenge your skills; this will also help you increase your knowledge.

At last but not least, Good Luck in your blogging journey. 

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