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What is Sendwin? How SendWin can Help you as a Blogger

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At this time after doing blogging for so long, we all have this issue of handling multiple accounts at once. Usually, we install different browsers to handle different accounts or use incognito mode. 

Due to this our computer can become bulky and process slowly, unless you have a very high-end pc. 

In this article I will share my best solution for that, we will see how the solution works, what are the benefits of using it and vice versa.

About SendWin

SendWin is a multi-account handler tool. It is available as an extension for every chromium-based browser. You can install it by searching Sendwin in the chrome web store or by directly visiting their website.

This tool allows you to manage multiple accounts of any site from Facebook to Gmail you can sign in to multiple accounts without altering between different browsers.

You will not surprised to know that the founder of this tool was also suffering from the same issue of handling multiple accounts so, he came up with this idea and created a tool that will help him and others. 

How to Use Sendwin

In order to use Sendwin, you must have to install its extension first as was already mentioned above.

Then you have to visit its the official website send. win in order to create an account without an account you can’t use the services.  

Sendwin Register

In order to register yourself, you just have to provide some basic details like your Full Name, Email Address and Password. 

You don’t even need to very your email however you must do it for future purposes. Now the extension will automatically sync with your account if not then you have to login into the extension. 

Main Features of Sendwin

Let’s see the main features of this tool and why you should use it. 

  • The number one feature is that it eases login and switching multiple accounts easily.
  • You can share your accounts without sharing the account details. The sendwin will give a URL of the particular session and to share you just have to send the link.
  • You can also set a timer for how long you want the other user to use that session after that the session will automatically terminate. 
  • Sync data between multiple devices. 
  • One account is completely isolated means the data will not sync with each other.
  • You can bookmark your favourite session on any account for quick navigation. 

Plans of Sendwin

The tool has a free version that offers a lot of features mentioned above. But its premium plan has more to offer. 

There are two premium plans offered by the tool providers.

  1. Pro plan, cost $2.99/month it offers to add proxy, create a bulk of sessions, bookmarking sessions, session sharing and allow commercial uses.
  2. Next is the pro plus plan costs $6.99/month and provides more features like blurring the session, blocking sessions, Automatic proxy assign.

However, if you purchase these plans for 1 year you will get a 50 cent reduction on each plan. 

But if you are confused whether these plans are for you or not or you just want to try to know about their service, then don’t worry company also provides a free trial. 

Free Trial 

The company as per this time provides a free trial for 30 days without asking for details of any credit or debit card. 

In order to claim this free trial, you have to head to the Upgrade account section and select any plan then a pop will come showing 30 days free trial just click on it and the free trial will be activated on your account for 30 days. 

Not Satisfied by Sendwin Services 

Suppose, at this time when you reading the article the tool stops giving a free trial or you purchased a yearly plan and after using a few months you don’t need it anymore or you genuinely don’t like a certain thing about their service.

Well, in that case, the tool providers have a 30-day money-back guarantee policy just for those who don’t like or not wanted their service anymore.


The Sendwin is a great tool for handling your multiple accounts of the same site. You already have read the features of the tool.

The only thing with this tool that is not like is that you need to have a browser in order to use it. So, you must have to open all your account through a browser.

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