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Drawback Of Auto-Posting Plugin

Why Should You Not Use Auto-Posting For Your Website?

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What Is Auto Posting?

Auto Posting on websites on hearing sounds good. But in reality, it is not that good. It can drive some traffic or huge traffic on your site but temporarily.

There are many plugins, tools, and websites available on the internet that promote auto-posting and make auto-posting easy. Some articles and YouTube videos on the internet encourage auto-posting and encourage many new bloggers to do it.

Some even claim that you can get Adsense approval by just auto-posting, which is a scam on another level. Here are the top reasons anyone shouldn’t try auto posting on site.

Let’s directly dig into the topic

Skill Is All That Matter:

Writing blogs, reading articles, doing research increases skill level. Skill is like an investment interest.

Having low-level skills will give low-level benefits, but as the skill grows, the benefits along with it also grow.

Experience is yet another very important factor, and personally, blogging increases experience, and experience takes all the respect even in any field of life. The one most benefited is open who has more experience.

By auto-posting, anyone can’t get any of these things. It will only increase their skills in using auto-posting tools.

Getting AdSense Approval Is A Bluff:

I have personally seen many articles and videos promoting and encouraging people to use auto posting.

They even claim to earn more than a decent amount of money by just auto-posting. First of all, Adsense only approves those sites which wrote 100% original content.

By original content, it means content that is either not available on the internet or writing something new about the content already available on the internet or the content that is not that much on the internet.

For example, if you write an article about a new phone launched in the market. You wrote about its features and experience, and then Google will not consider it unique because there are already many articles on the internet about it.

But if you compare it with other phones and which one is better, it is more unique than the previous one.

The content posted by auto-posting tools are mostly copy-paste; they only check plagiarism and make articles only play free.

These tools only use synonyms of the words already used in the article, change a little bit of writing style and create a new article.

But many respective ad providers, including Adsense, easily detect this because the site has been reviewed by humans who are smart enough to detect that the area has original or fake content.

Even some sites which show the proof that there are AdSense approved by just auto-posting are either making the audience fool or even if they somehow got approval, then their CPC and CPM are so low that they can’t make it profitable.

Can’t Fake Them All:

Even an auto posting tool can use synonyms of words to make it look original, but it can’t replace the reference of the original site. Suppose a site gives its authority on its article, then the tool cannot bypass it, and then the copy-pasting site will automatically be caught.  

Not That Much Readable:

When any tool rewrites any article, it doesn’t care about the reader’s experience. It just rotates the whole piece from one point to another except changing its meaning, and it doesn’t take care of whether the article is readable or not. Even sometimes, it completely changes the article’s purpose, giving a different content than the heading or article. 


I highly appreciate you working on your skills rather than depending on some auto-posting tool. Auto-posting is only for using on-site, which will not be that useful in the future. Increasing your skill will give you the necessary self-confidence.

Also, people only want to read articles to get some new or additional information. Auto-posting doesn’t provide it. Even auto-posting makes papers worse in the reading experience.

Even if anyone gets some ad network approval on their auto-posting site, they can’t do it again on another site, and they also don’t have the skills or the experience required to make the site ready for approval.

So, they also have to start from zero. In any case, if you are serious about your site, want to run your site for the long term and care about your site users, then you shouldn’t use auto posting.

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