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WordPress Plugin for Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is an even more popular topic than blogging. When it comes to making a good amount of money online, affiliate marketing is the first thing on the list. Many bloggers make a good amount of money through affiliate marketing.

Many new e-commerce sites are now allowing affiliate service to expand their business.

But affiliate marketing is also a very work and time demanding thing. It would help if you had the patience to get succeeded. Now there is no shortcut for success, but some tools will help you get success.

Theme For Affiliate Marketing:

The first impression is the last. It is true in every aspect of life. We make our passion in our mind by its first impression. For users who will visit the site, the theme will be the first to attract them. First of all, here is the list of articles you should try to get results quickly. All these mentioned themes are User-friendly, Fast, SEO optimized, and CTR optimized. 

  • Astra Theme
  • Generate Press
  • Mythemeshop – Schemalite
  • Affiliate booster theme

Amazon Affiliate:

Now let’s start the plugins list. First, on the list is the Amazon affiliate named plugin. This plugin is handy if you want to promote Amazon affiliate links. Amazon is currently number one in the world in the eCommerce sector. It is also very famous among the people, and many people only want to buy Amazon products. To target those people, this plugin is beneficial. Although this plugin is premium, it is worth its price. It shows all the products in the list along with its feature whether it is available on prime or not. Plus, if the price is changed on the site, it will automatically adjust the price on your site.

People often don’t want to read all the blog content, whether they are in a hurry or don’t have the habit of reading to target those kinds of people. This plugin is beneficial.

As you can see in this pic, all products are in a table giving some details along with name reviews, how many reviews it got its price on Amazon, plus a direct link to purchase it on Amazon. This interface will have a good impression on visitors that your site will be on their list when they research for any product. There are more features in the plugin. To know more, you have to visit their official website getaawp.com.

Thirsty Affiliate:

It is a kind of link clocking plugin. It allows you to set your link and redirect it to another link you want. For example, if you have a Facebook page and want to use a link of the post on your site, these facebook links can be very long, but thirsty affiliate allows you to make your link and then redirect it to the other link as you want. This link will contain your site URL with extra you want to write, for example, www.example.com/fb/post/101.

Deals and Coupon Plugin:

Coupons and deals are the main features of an affiliate site. Because many users come in search of deals and coupons, now, if you write a post about a product and give coupons about the product, it will leave a good impression on the user, and the user will keep visiting your website. This plugin helps to create a dedicated page for coupons and deals. You can create a dedicated coupons section that will look beautiful since it gives users many customization options. Now, this plugin is a premium plugin, and you need to purchase it, but for that much service, it is worth it.

Category Based Plugin:

CPT UI is a plugin that creates a custom section for posts. If you want to make a different section for different types of articles and you don’t want to display this category on your site menu, either it is not that important, or you already have enough options, you can use this plugin. For example, if you wrote some articles on comparison and give it a different section, you can use this plugin. Your article URL will be like example.com/comparision/…

It will help your site get indexed on search engines, and it will be quickly served to the users when anyone shares about it.

Table Builder:

Tables make it easy to organize the content of the site. It is also suitable for the users who will visit the site. It will leave a good impression on the visitors. There are many plugins available out there, but “WP table builder” is the best choice for you. The upper pic about Amazon affiliate the table was created using this plugin so, now you can understand how powerful this plugin is.

Ultimate Blogs:

This plugin is beneficial for your affiliate site. It gives different options like creating buttons, applying countdowns, displaying a progress bar. In many articles, you have seen table contents where you get all the topics about the articles. You can create that table by using this. In short, this plugin has many features. It is a complete package deal. The best part about this plugin is that it’s free of cost.

Rank Math:

Last but not least is rank math.SEO is the most important thing when it comes to any website. Rank math is a viral plugin in this sector. It will give all the suggestions and tips you need to follow while writing a post. It will also help you with your web stories section.


Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to earn money, and many people are already making a good amount of money.

It is time-consuming, and as time passes, the site will grow more and provide a good margin.

To get to that point when the site will be very profitable, user experience matters a lot. These plugins will help you provide a better understanding to the user.

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